Yoga with Alison West

The Fine Grains of Asana
12-14 June 2020 Girona (Barcelona)

Alison West is known world-wide  for her innovative and sound approach to  asana practice and Yoga therapy. She appears regularly in international magazines and on-line courses, and has been named as one of the most influential Yoga teachers in America. In this workshop, we will enjoy her fresh and innovative approach to asanas in a clear anatomy-based framework, which will help us to understand adjust our home practice. Please note:  It will be taught in English and NOT fully translated, just bits if necessary, to speed it up. Single days are available.

[Català] El taller es farà en anglès, sense traduir-lo tot. Farem aclariments puntuals i podem traduir les vostres preguntes. [Español] El taller será en inglés, sin traducción completa. Haremos aclaraciones puntuales y traduciremos vuestras preguntas.

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About Alison

Alison West, Ph.D, ERYT, recently named one of the most influential Yoga teachers in America , is director of Yoga Union and the Yoga Union Backcare & Scoliosis Center.  Around 1996, Alison’s interest in alignment and anatomy led her to explore more deeply the asymmetrical body and most notably the asymmetrical spine. Alison has formulated Principles of Practice that can be applied to most forms of Hatha Yoga, and brings to her teaching insights born of the ongoing study of anatomy and kinesiology.

Alison conducts demanding “Gold Standard”* 200-hour Three-Pillars of Practice Teacher Trainings and a full 500-hour Mandala of Yoga Masters program in New York City, teaches workshops and master classes nationwide, in Europe and in the Middle East, and group and private classes in Manhattan. She is currently writing her first Yoga book, Yoga for Backcare, which will be followed by Yoga for Scoliosis.

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The studio will open half an hour before the scheduled time; you are welcome to arrive early. Note that the timetable may vary slightly, so please don't tight your scheduling.


18:30-20:30h From Surya Namaskara to Savasana. Practice Surya Namskara to heat the body, marry the breath to the movement, and use classic SN mantras to channel the mind. Layer upon layer of work will bring you into a blissful state of focus in preparation for active standing poses and restorative work.


The Fine Grains of Asana: from small movements to large results.

How to do the shoulder blades work to produce strong arm balances and inversions? How does the movement of the greater trochanter assist in stabilizing your poses? Can moving the femur in one direction or another help to stabilise and balance the pelvis? Explore poses “embryonically” and let them grow organically out of that exploration.  

9:30-13h Asanas

Lunch (included)

15:30-18 Inverted poses


9:30-13h Handstand: from fingers to toes, make this pose fly. Whether, the action of the shoulder or the heel or the eye, each part of the body contributes to the cheerful success of this invigorating and delightful pose. Learn safe techniques to help Handstand (Adho m v..) come alive safely. If you are ready, you will practice arm and leg variations to challenge your sense of center and strength. (Suitable variations for different levels.)
Lunch (included)
15:30-18 Headstand: from the morning’s Handstand practice—flying on the earth—to the afternoon’s Headstand practice—rooting into the earth—develop your inversions practice with some of Alison West’s unique techniques to keep the pose safe and engaging.

Total: 2+6+6=14 hours


The price includes mats and all the props you need, and also some lunch. Early bird  strictly before May 1th.


  • single days: full amount
  • 100€ for full week-end (balance cash on arrival)


    Full week-end   Single days
      Friday     Saturday     Sunday  

Before May 1th

 180€ 25€   100€ 100€
 Normal  200€  30€ 110€ 110€


Book early to avoid disappointment, as the workshop has been planned for a small group in a yoga centre, with limited places. The workshop is intended for students with a minimum of 6 months of practice; we won't explain basic alignment issues. 

Girona and our studio

estudiThe workshop will be held in Espai de ioga. It's a beautiful studio in the the center of Girona, with amazing views on the river. We provide all the props you'll need, including mat (you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer), belts, blocks, blankets etc. This will be a small workshop compared to those of big cities, and places are limited by the yoga room. Our full address is here.

GIRONA  is a beautiful historic city, about 1,30 hours by train North of Barcelona. The TGV connects to Barcelona in 30 minutes and Paris in 5 hours. PLEASE BOOK AHEAD accommodation and transport, otherwise you may find it full. Here is a list of all accommodations (also youth hostel). You may also try apartments in airbnb or girorooms.

Remember that lunch is included in the workshop. There are many restaurants around the area; a focacceria just below the center provides good quality fast food, a vegan called OM for deserved reward and a normal quality L'arcada (beware of generous servings)

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