Workshop with June Whittaker

June Whittaker, Codirector of Institute de Yoga Iyengar de Nice (anuttara.com) 

Friday 27 to Sunday 29 September 2019

Girona, Catalonia (Spain)

Novetat! Farem traducció general a part, perquè pugueu seguir-la amb més facilitat.

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Ens fa molta il·lusió proposar-vos una pràctica amb una professora excepcional;  co-directora del Centre de Ioga Iyengar de Nice, dirigeix formacions de professors amb entusiasme, amor i precisió. 

Nota: l'intensiu serà en anglès, amb traducció general (no frase per frase) al català o espanyol. No podem oferir dies solts.


Es para nosotros un honor proponeros una práctica de yoga con una profesora excepcional; es co-directora del Centro de Yoga Iyengar de Nice, y co-dirige formacions de professores con entusiasmo, amor y precisión.

Nota: el intensivo será en inglés, con traducciones general (no frase por frase) al catalán o español. No podemos ofrecer dias sueltos.


It is a great pleasure to offer you a practice weekend with an exceptional teacher; June is co-director of Anuttara, the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Nice, where she trains teachers with enthusiasm, love and accuracy.

It will be taught in English and NOT fully translated, just bits if necessary, to speed it up. Single days are not available.


FRIDAY 27 Sept (2 h)

18:30-20:30 Restaurative assanas (guided)

SATURDAY 28 Sept (5 1/2 h)

9:30-12:30 Practice
13 Lunch (included)
14:30 to 17 Practice

SUNDAY 29 Sept (5 1/2 h)

9:30-12:30 Practice
13 Lunch (included)
14:30 to 17 Practice

Note: the closing hour is approximative. Please if you can don't tight your schedule.


The workshop is open to everyone practicing yoga (from any method), except beginners (that means around 3 years of regular practice). We can't accept pregnant women or complicated medical cases; if in doubt please contact us.


200€, which includes:

  • meal on Saturday and Sunday
  • use of mats and all props needed

If you register before Sept 2: 180€.  The payment must be made strictly before the date.

We require the payment of 100€ to book the place, the rest on cash upon arrival. The bank account is in the booking form.


Book early to avoid disappointment, as the workshop has been planned for a small group in a yoga center, with limited places. 



As we want to spare you the inconvenience of looking for food outside, we will serve some food in the room.  Lunch will consist of something hot (dhal) or a soup, organic yoghurt, dry fruits. We'll keep it light and delicious.


English, as we want to avoid the tiring translation for the workshop. We would translate a few remarks if necessary.


The workshop will be held at Espai de ioga, a beautiful yoga center in the Old Town in Girona. It is on the fourth floor, where we enjoy great views of the city. This will be a small workshop compared to those of the big cities, and places are limited by the yoga room.


I have been practising and teaching Iyengar yoga now for 40 years. I believe that yoga teachers are many different things to many different people. In the case of this workshop, I will play the role of the teacher and I hope that you, in the role of student, will understand that it is purely circumstantial that it is I who will be teaching you and not the reverse. More than often enough, it is actually you who will no doubt be teaching me! An exchange between us. Yoga is interconnectedness. In actual fact I cannot really teach you for the biggest teacher we can ever have is ourselves. I can simply offer suggestions and guidance and accompany you on your journey. We will look inwards through the asana and I will facilitate your dive into the world and universe that is yogasana. My wish is to let each and everyone, through the work of yogasana, find their own potential, go deeply inwards and find light and understanding, there in the places where it is often the darkest. We will journey together over the course of a weekend. How privileged we will be!

I began learning the practice of Iyengar Yoga in London in the late 1970's and my path began by a search for something to replace both classical and contemporary dance. I eventually went to study in Pune with B.K.S. Iyengar, his daughter, Geetaji, and son, Prashantji, where and with whom I have been studying regularly ever since. I have a Senior level 3 teachers' certificate dating from 2007 and I look forwards very much to meeting you.

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Important notice

PLEASE BOOK AHEAD accommodation and transport, otherwise you may find it full.


Girona is a beautiful historic city, about 1,30 hours North of Barcelona. Ryanair serves many flights to Europe. Also, the TGV connects to Barcelona in 30 minutes and Paris in 5 hours.


 Here is a list of all accommodations (also youth hostel). You may also try apartments in airbnb or girorooms.

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